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Shake’n’bake Fri 11th June – Purple Sneaker DJs + Naysayer & Gilsun interviews and mixes by Shakenbake 1Feel So Real- Rusko 2Heartbeats – Grum 3Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)- Aeroplane 4Modern Eyes – Jump Jump Dance Dance 5Heliochrome – Chateau Marmont 6PURPLE SNEAKER DJS INTERVIEW 7PURPLE SNEAKERS 10 MINUTE MIX 8Split the Atom (Bar 9 […]

Swick Mix


Each week after it’s gone to air I’ll be posting up the mixes put together by local ninjas. This week was Swick. Swicks awesome. Oh and chekc out his and Tranters blog. BEST BLOG NAME EVER. Shake’n’bake: Swick 30 Minute Mix. by deaconrose

Shit! This is big! Sydney’s indie-dance mashup rudeboys and Melbourne’s kings of all things layered and edited are facing off on one big Shake’n’bake! Yep… 10pm Friday we’ve got exclusive interviews and mixes from the Purple Sneaker DJs and Naysayer and Gilsun. Fuck me. So… Purple Sneakers is a long running staple of Sydneys club […]

Shake’n’bake resumes normal service this week and it’s gonna be a big one for all you wipper snappers.