This Fridays Show: Moombahton bitch!



So this Fridays show’s gawn be the shit ’cause I didn’t do last weeks as I got too drunk after Hangtime and ended up at 161 sleazin on redheads til about 3am. Subsequently I missed work and therefore couldn’t do my show.

ANYWAY… enough about me being awesome. This week I’ve got bangers from High Contrast, Heavyfeet, Don Diablo, Urchins, Rusko, Calling In Sick, Soulwax and a brand new 10 minute belter from The Chemical Brothers. But more importantly I’ve been looking into this whole Moombahton movement that’s been sweeping clubs around the globe and I’ve decided it’s pretty radballs. Even if it is only 108bpm. So I went to our local Moombassador Mu-Gen from Scatterblog and he’s putting together a 30 minute set for the show. Plus… we’ll catch up on the old telephone and he can explain what this shits all about and where it started and why its dope. Got it? Word.

Here’s a slice of Moomba pie to get your chub on.

Moombahton! by DJ A-Mac


2 Responses to “This Fridays Show: Moombahton bitch!”

  1. 1 'duk

    Awesome post, man! Thank you for this! And great news that MU-GEN is creating a 30 minute special mix for the show! Music history! Here’s a brief tutorial on Moombahton so you’ll be conversant with the genre for your show.

    OK, DAVE NADA is “The Father of Moombahton,” AFROJACK is the “godfather,” and SILVIO ACOMO and DJ CHUCKIE, the honorary “great-godfathers” of the genre.

    How it happened is in THE FADER under Moombahton

    Where it’s blowing up!
    Melbourne is The World Capital of Moombahton because of the ‘Second Wave’ greatness of the Moombahton tracks from MU-GEN, SCATTERMISH, SLAP & DASH,
    MAT CANT, and LEWIS CANCUT. That’s a formidable power bloc! Plus they dropped a spectacular anthology, and just ask MU-GEN how many Moomahton tracks he has buried in the basement.

    Vancouver is The Moombahton Capital of Canada as the genre is exploding there with
    the presence of NEOTERIC, KEV FRESH (responsible for the Moombahton “zombie”
    theme),ERNOLD SANE, and D-MAC next door in Calgary.

    Rotterdam is the center ‘Dutch Moombahton” because of a one-man explosion:
    MUNCHI. His “Sandunguero” is already a Moombahton classic, and his masterpiece so far “Toma Berimbau” lifted the genre out of the tenuous novelty category and into the realm of serious art. GENERATION BASS posted a write-up, and that gave Moombahton even greater exposure and credibility.

    Now, Phoenix has just established itself as The Moombahton Capital of the USA with
    quality drop after drop after drop from DJ MELO, DJ EPIDEMIC, and the new kid on the block, MOOMBAHTRON, who just kills it with the bass and beat.

    Plenty of dancefloor destruction in Washington, DC from daddy DAVE NADA and DJ LEGACY. Philadelphia’s moombahtonista is DJ APT ONE. The smooth and sexy ‘New York Sound’ is in the hands of DJ SABO, while the ‘West Coast Sound’ is popularizing
    the genre through DJ Morningstar, whose Moombahton edit of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”
    shot past 200 downloads and has kept on going.

    Str8 fire burning in Baltimore with UNCLE JESSE’s hit “Whatchadoin,” in Texas with WYLD STALLYN’s Moombahton “anthem” and floor-destroyer “Party Alarm.” Expect a lightning strike soon in Miami via DJ STEREO77 and THE NEW GUY.

    Meanwhile, NibOOtOO smells sweet Moombahton smoke in Switzerland (DJ DVW), Sao Paolo, Mexico (NO ROUX NO), and, hold on, Tokyo.


    =The Moombahton BPMs standard is 108.
    =It’s more than “slowed down Dutch House” because
    1 Vocals are chopped.
    2 Acapellas are layered.
    3 Additional drums and percussion elements are introduced.
    4 Buildups are extended and intensified.
    5 Heavy emphasis on bass, space, and low-end dirt.
    =Moombahton tagline is “Ay, tan sucia!”
    =Dave Nada’s personal tagline is “Dale Moombahton.” (“Dah-lay Moombahton” or “Give ’em Moombahton.”
    =Fans are MoombaHeads with a capital H to take care of 2 small h’s.
    =Nibootoo staff feels LA MALUCA should be “La Reina de Moombahton” because she
    is sampled heavily in Dave Nada’s masterpiece “Ruff Cut Dub.”
    =Moombahton has a “zombie” theme that runs through it from DJ KEV FRESH’s “Zombies For Moonbahton.” MORNINGSTAR zombified “Satisfaction,” and
    YEAH! has re-zombified KAVINSKY’s ‘Nightcall.” More KEV FRESH and “Nightcall”
    Moombahton zombie tracks are on the way.
    =Moombahton is in Wikipedia

    Thanks! Have a history-making show. ‘duk at NibOOtOO

  2. 2 brut man

    what do redheads expect at 161 at 3 in the morning?

    I’ve heard they’re generally nocturnal, and if they go out in sunlight the generally disappear in a cloud of smoke and/or judgement/condemnation.

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