Shockone interview and 30 minute mix



Yeah boi! Special treat time. Below you can find the interview I did with Shockone last week PLUS his most awesome face melting 30 minute set he did for PBS Live Music Week 2009.

You better not be asking who Shockone is. He’s only Australia’s biggest drum’n’bass producer/DJ at the moment. I’ve been super keen to interview Shockone for ages as I’ve been following his career pretty closely. I first saw him when I lived in Perth and was heavily into dnb. His productions are fantastic and if you’re into Matrix and Futurebound, High Contrast, Subfocus, Brookes Brothers, Culture Shock, etc you’ll love him. He’s starting to smash it on the world stage and it won’t be long before he’s considered one of the biug playaz of dnb.

Check out the Shockone myspace

Anyway enjoy this quality mix and not-so-quality bit of music jourmalism.

SHOCKONE PBSFM MIX by deaconrose

Shockone Interview by deaconrose


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