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That’s right! The Plump mothafuckin DJs interview is airing on this Fridays show. These guys are legends in the breakbeat scene and since breaks is dying a horrible, drawn out and very public death they’ve been branching out into other stuff as well. These guys are quality and hitting our shores next year for Good […]

So I know I said I’d put GLOVES mix up the other day and I didn’t but I’ve finally got my shit together and here it is in all it’s magnificent glory. I should go on to talk it up a bit more but I’m trying to recover from midday beers and I’m drinking a […]

Yeah boi! Special treat time. Below you can find the interview I did with Shockone last week PLUS his most awesome face melting 30 minute set he did for PBS Live Music Week 2009. You better not be asking who Shockone is. He’s only Australia’s biggest drum’n’bass producer/DJ at the moment. I’ve been super keen […]

Who knew GLOVES could keep your ears warm? Well they can. He can. Because he’s dope.