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What to make of the Good Vibes lineup? Hmmmm… I’m going to go with a little uninspired. There seems to be a pretty standard formula to the Good Vibes lineup these days. A big headline act thats a bit on the cheap because they haven’t realeased anything lately, three chart-topping acts, a couple of has-beens, […]

After smashing it up in the dnb scene for a few years now Subfocus has finally dropped his debut album. And guess what? It’s a corker. If you haven’t heard of Subfocus or you’re not that into your drum’n’bass there’s something for all tastes on this record. This track below is a perfect example. Fusing […]

Welcome to Shake’n’Bake! The music blog and radio show that promises to deliver nothing but straight up mad styles of electronic music. Shake’n’Bake is a genre-hopping bad boy. Any sounds can make the grade be it house, electro, dubstep, dnb, breaks or whatever else the kids are calling shit these days. Everyone can play. Everyone […]