Streetparty Mix



So I’ve been major lazor lazy lately and haven’t been posting shit. I’m sorry. Here’s the mix Streetparty did for last Fridays show. It’s pretty radballs.

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Naysayer and Gilsun

Shake’n’bake Fri 11th June – Purple Sneaker DJs + Naysayer & Gilsun interviews and mixes by Shakenbake

1Feel So Real- Rusko
2Heartbeats – Grum
3Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)- Aeroplane
4Modern Eyes – Jump Jump Dance Dance
5Heliochrome – Chateau Marmont
8Split the Atom (Bar 9 Remix) – Noisia
9Turn Up The Music – Camo and Krooked
10Ayo – Hyper Crush
11Rubadub Shakedown – Rusko
12Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Miami Horror
13To Be In Love (Airwolf Remix) – DCUP
14Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix) – Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
15LA Lights – Grum
16The Secret – Joris Voorn

10pm Friday nights on PBS 106.7FM (Melbourne)

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Swick Mix


Swick eating food

Each week after it’s gone to air I’ll be posting up the mixes put together by local ninjas. This week was Swick. Swicks awesome.

Oh and chekc out his and Tranters blog. BEST BLOG NAME EVER.

Shake’n’bake: Swick 30 Minute Mix. by deaconrose

Purple Sneakers yo

Shit! This is big! Sydney’s indie-dance mashup rudeboys and Melbourne’s kings of all things layered and edited are facing off on one big Shake’n’bake! Yep… 10pm Friday we’ve got exclusive interviews and mixes from the Purple Sneaker DJs and Naysayer and Gilsun. Fuck me.

So… Purple Sneakers is a long running staple of Sydneys club scene. I remember getting shitfaced there when I used to work at ZOO Weekly in Sincity. These guys sure know how to party and this Friday sees them launching their infamous club night here in Melbourne at Miss Libs.

Purple Sneakers

Purple Sneakers DJs ‘We Mix You Dance’ Promo Mix by Purple Sneakers DJs

Head Honcho, the Purple Sneaker himself, PHDJ put together a crazy ten minute mix for us to give you a taste of what’s to come on Friday. I’ll be heading down after the show. Boom!

Naysayer and Gilsun

Naysayer and Gilsun were one of the first peeps we interviewed on Shake’n’bake back 10 months ago and since then have gone on to attain legendary status amongst Melbourne’s cool, hip and especially the throngs of young and eligable ladies that follow the boys from club to club, stalking them like Tigeresses.


They’ve got a sick new mixtape coming out called Naysayer and Gilsun are in Space.  The lads have kindly agreed to a sneaky peak on this weeks show ahead of their launch on Saturday 26th June at Rats. This is gonna be boss.




Shake’n’bake resumes normal service this week and it’s gonna be a big one for all you wipper snappers. Although Radio Festival has finished it’s not too late to become a member and still go in the drawer for heaps of sick prizes, including the uber-manly sleak looking Holden Barina, in a colour of your choice I believe.

So on to this weeks show. I just got my mits on the new Pendulum album (pictured – FYI it’s really hard to find a band shot of Pendulum that isn’t SUPER GAY). It’s orrright. Well… maybe not if you’re a die-hard old-school Pendulum fan. It’s not Hold Your Color and nor it should be really. Like all bands/djs/artists they are growing, progressing and evolving and this is the direction they’ve chosen to take. They’re never going to please everyone. Their new sound is going to have broader appeal for sure. I’ll be playing a few of the stronger tracks on the show this week.

Some of you may have read last week that I spoke with Canadian Tiga on the wireless about record labels in the Seventies and shit ahead of his Winter Sound Systems shows. Anyway I’ll be playing that interview this Friday as well. And… and… every week from here on in Shake’n’bake will feature a half hour set from a local dj. First up is a man shrouded in mystery. Some say his skin has the texture of a dolphin’s, and that wherever you are in the world if you tune your radio to 88.4 you can actually hear his thoughts. Others say his ears have a paisley lining, and he’s been banned from the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. All we know is… he’s called Swick.


10pm Friday. 106.7FM on the radio. on the nets.


So tonight’s your last chance to sign up during PBS Radio Festival and maybe win a new car that comes with wheels, doors and windows. F**king outrageous, I know. So don’t be a passenger and support community radio.


Tonights show’s going to be pretty awesome. Got my hands on the new colab mix tape between Major Lazer and La Roux and there’s one track that stands head and knobbly knees above the rest. Going to open the show with it tonight. You can pick up the mixtape yourself for free over at Mad Decent. Also got this new Kano track produced by Boys Noize, some Tom Staar, Ducksauce, Alex Metric, Charlie Why and maybe just maybe… a mashup of the Pendulum ABC news remix, if I can get a hold of it. Listen to it. It’s boss. Update: Got it! Thanks Press Play Dee Jays.

Jay Z vs. ABC News Theme (Pendulum Remix) by Press Play Dee Jays

Oh and because I’m just super organised and efficient and awesome and not at all hungover I might as well let you know what’s coming up in the foreseeable future on the show. You may have noticed the dashing Tiga undressing you with his eyes above. That’s because I just got off the phone with him ahead of his Winter Sound System shows. I’ll be playing the interview on next Fridays show. He’s a cool dude. A bit too cool. I’ll post the interview up after it has aired.

Also in super happy fun time news… every week I’ll be featuring a 30 min mix from a local dj. This may or may not be accompanied with a short interview. Here’s the schedule for June:

4th June – Swick
11th June – Naysayer and Gilsun
18th June – Popacap
25th June – Mat Cant

I heard We Love Sounds cancelled in Perth and Fabric is on the brink of bankruptcy. That’s a bit shit. No dnb on a Perth bill will do that.

Shake’n’bake’s 2010 Radio festival show takes place this Friday and it’s going to be big! I’ll be playing more dope tunes than you can poke a stick at and I’ll have a whole years worth of awesome releases, plus DVD’s and t-shirts and all sorts of shit to giveaway to those that pledge their support to the show and the station.

Memberships start at $35 concession and are essential to PBS remaining a bastion of alternative electronic music. Imagine a world where we all had to listen to Novanation with John Course and that other dickface. If you love electronic music than please show some support yo.

The prizes available this year are mint. Not only will everyone signing up to my show get spot prizes but you can also go in the running for a new Holden Barina, a $6000 hi fi system, a way-over-the-top VIP day at the footy plus if you sign up to an electronic show (which Shake’n’bake surely is) than you could win an outrageous festival pack that has 4 VIP tix to Parklife, Stereosonic and Winter Sound System (that’s 12 VIP tix total), plus heaps of other cool shit.

So… if you’re near a radio this Friday tune in from 10pm. There’ll be people in the phone room, don’t leave them to their own devices. Call in, take out a membership, win some shit!

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If you’re wondering what the difference is between rubbish radio and community radio or you haven’t heard Shake’n’bake before this is what you’re missing…

Shake’n’bake – Fri 2304010 – Naboo Interview by deaconrose